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What is Paramedtech?

Let's face it, EMS education is a challenge. Both new technology and new evidence based medicine are introduced at a rapid pace. Creating effective content that aligns to the latest medical standards, appeals to a variety of learning styles, and meets the needs of an increasing population of digital natives who desire ubiquitous learning is often counterproductive. By the time the material is implemented, it quickly becomes outdated and requires modification.


This challenge can be overcome if we stop operating independently. Instead, we should embrace the technology that allows us to work together to develop shared content that engages learners while meeting National EMS Education Standards. To accomplish this, I have developed a section of Paramedtech, powered by Drupal, to serve as an EMS Learning Object Repository. DrupalEducators can share educational media to improve EMS education. Creative Commons License
The EMS Media Repository by Paramedtech is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
The Drupal icon at left is a quick link to the repository:


Another section of Paramedtech is the Paramedtech blog, powered by Wordpress. WordpressThis is our online publication that EMS educators can use to publicly share experiences and critique media. If you would like to author this blog, please let me know! The Wordpress icon at left is a quick link to the blog.


Hope you enjoy the site!

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    My name is Nicholas Favazzo. I am a paramedic, EMS educator, and graduate student studying educational technology in Fort Myers, FL. Much of my professional information is available on LinkedIn.

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    Additionally, an online eFolio is available at my Wordpress site, , which includes links to my papers and projects. I also have a course eFolio for a recently completed course, EME5053, on my GoogleSite. You can follow me on Twitter by clicking the link below.