Please Introduce Yourself.

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As a starting point, please give us your quick autobiography and let us know what you're looking for on the site.

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Okay, I'll start!

I started my career in public safety as a BSA Explorer in 1996. While completing an EMT course as a requirement before applying to the Fire Department, I became fascinated with EMS. In 2001, I started full-time employment with Lee County EMS in Fort Myers, FL. Last year we ran over 96,000 calls! I have been nationally registered, CCEMT-P certified, and served as an FTO, but currently am enjoying being 'just a paramedic' again while teaching EMS courses at Edison State College and completing grad school at FGCU.

The time crunch with work, work, and school (not to mention my kids) made me realize that we all can probably use some help in designing and developing educational media and technology to augment and, ultimately, improve EMS education. To facilitate that, I created Paramedtech. Hope you enjoy it and I'm looking forward to working with all of you.